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Stefan is well prepared and kind. He was able to adapt to our wishes very well and be flexible. We appreciated his company very much!

Elisa L.

Italy, 09.2023

It was very good to meet Susanne and to go with her around Bonn. She explained very well about the city’s history. The tour was very personalised and we enjoyed it as it was not so crowded.

Maria V.

Gent, Belgium, 08.2023

I had such a lovely afternoon exploring the other side of the Rhine with Stefan. Stefan showed me subtle details and less visited locations sharing the history of the area and happily answering all questions that came up. Stefan was not only an excellent guide but an engaging conversationalist. Sharing stories both historic and personal that made the tour all the more special. I would highly recommend anyone to take a walk with Stefan and learn a bit more about the history and charming details of this area.

Christina B.

Colorado, USA, 06.2023

I would like to thank Sabine Lioy for amazing tour of Bonn. The knowledge and experience that I have gained is simply amazing. Sabine’s presence made the already beautiful places in Bonn many times more interesting. She came up with so many interesting facts and trivia about the different places of interest. The information she provided has been instrumental in understanding the true essence of the wonderful locations we visited. I will always remember this tour.

Meris M.

Sarajevo, Belarus, 06.2023

My husband and I truly enjoyed our visit to Bonn thanks to our greeter Thomas. The communication beforehand was excellent, and we managed to coordinate our times perfectly. Thomas gladly shared his knowledge about the city and showed us beautiful sites. I would like to thank once again both the greeter and the organizers for making our day so special.

Natasha & Thomas Raiko

North York, Canada, 06.2023

Wonderful. We were very pleased to be shown around Bonn by a passionate well prepared Greeter – Helga. She is passionate about Bonn and went out of her way to accommodate our requests.

Robyn Antill

Brisbane, Australia, 05.2023

We had never heard of greeters before booking our walk in Bonn but thought we’d try it as we always take a walking tour in new cities we visit. We had a wonderful walk with our lovely greeter Christine who was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, she took time to explain a history of the city and find out what we were interested in, and was able to answer our questions. It was really interesting to be able to speak to someone who had been living in the city throughout the events we were learning about, thank you Christine!
We will definitely be booking Greeters for our future visits to new places.

Melanie Gregg

Bury St. Emunds, UK, 05.2023

Susanne was super nice and friendly, and told us lots of cool facts while taking us around a lot of Bonn in the limited time we had! Bonn was a such a beautiful and interesting city and we hope that in the future we can come back and visit it for longer!! Thank you!

Jennifer Huang

Edinborough, 05.2023

We spent a very lovely afternoon with Gert Fisher! With all his historical background and stories he made the old city of Bonn become very alive for us. Very very interesting! Thank you so much for making this encounter happen.

Kitty Weyn

Belgium, 02.2023

An excellent Greet – I learned a lot of new things about Bonn. It was a very pleasant walk through the city with personal anecdotes. Absolutely great.

John Bennett

Enfield, UK, 12.2022

Requesting a Greeter was very straight forward and once our Greeter was selected Christine contacted us to confirm date and times. As we were staying in Dusseldorf we wanted to visited Bonn for a day, we thought a Greeter would be able to show us around within our limited time. Christine was waiting for us outside the tourist office as planned. We had a very informative 2 hour walk around Bonn while learning it’s rich history as Christine was very prepared and we appreciated her knowledge of the city. In the afternoon we went to Schloss Drachenburg and Christine gave us notes on how to get there. This is a really great service and we totally recommend Bonn Greeters.

Karren Pickering

Highgate Hill, Australia, 10.2022

We spent a wonderful 5hrs with Stefan, our Greeter in Bonn. Thanks to him we discovered some hidden gems that we would have missed without his help. Our visit on bike was a highlight of our trip and Bonn can be thankful to have a great ambassador like Stefan. I recommend Bonn Greeters to any visitor to your wonderful city and we will cherish these memories forever.

Paul Robinson

Gatineau, Canada, 09.2022

Stefan has been the most amazing Greeter ever! Picking us up directly at home, he guided us through the marvelous city of Bonn, strolling from one hidden spot to another while explaining the history behind what we were seeing. Of course, Beethoven was never far away! One little tip, ask Stefen to end at the „Bönnsch“…

Raphaël Brosseau

Paris, France, 10.2022

Susanne is very relaxed and well informed on the history and current situation of Bonn. Very friendly, easy going… would recommend her any time

Diana Petricevic

Croatia, 07.2022

Stefan was an amazing guide! He knew so much about the history of Beuel, and really made me feel welcome and at home! I really enjoyed our time together!

Christa Gibson

USA, 07.2022

We spent 4hrs with Miriam in Bonn on a bike tour with our 3 children. We had a wonderful time. The weather was beautiful and Miriam was great. She was well prepared and very patient with our children. It was definitely very worth it! Thank you so much!

Vicky Ward

California, USA, 08.2022

I had a lovely evening with Doris biking around Bonn. It was really a great way to see the city and learn about it, and a brilliant opportunity to meet a local.

Marija Petrovic

Belgrad, 09.2022

It was a pleasure to walk around the city and have such a knowledgable person guiding us throughout the alleys of Bonn. I was impressed with the history of the city. Also, Bonn looks very pretty, with the Rhine river and the seven hills . The panorama was astonishing!

Me and my friend Christine were entertained withthe history of the city thanks to Gerd. I know that he could have talked for days about the city. It was was nice to have had that overview of the past of Bonn.. with some fun facts as well. I really need to thank Gerd for his tour and for sharing his passion for his city. It is always great to find people passionate about what they do

Manuel Bertinazzi


What a wonderful experience AND Susanne made it possible! My cousin and her daughter were visiting us from the States so we decided to book a GREET in downtown Bonn in English. Our tour of Bonn was definitely one of the highlights of their stay with us. Susanne was welcoming, enthusiastic and knowledgeable — the perfect guide for the perfect tour!
We appreciate greatly the time and effort that Susanne invested in preparing and carrying out the GREET. This is really a wonderful program. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Judith Renée Jaeschke


It was a nice walking tour with Gert. And it was nice to get to know Gert personally! Gert has very deep knowledge of the history of Bonn, which is what I was looking for and definitely impressed by. It’s great to hear his experience growing up in the cold war. I appreciate his time and efforts.

Lucy Yue

Rotterdam, Netherlands, 04.2022

What a wonderful way to spend a day getting to know Bonn! My greeter, Timo, was a wonderful guide, showing me many of the city’s neighborhoods by bike. He planned our tour based on me looking for a place to live, having just arrived to Bonn the day before. Timo was also an exceptionally nice person and shared extensive history and knowledge about the city. I could not have been happier with the experience!

Benjamin Gibson

USA, 04.2022

I had a really great time in Bonn with Helga ! She brought me through the history of the city, showed me beautiful spots (my favourite was the cloister) and not to be forgotten, recommended a place for a delicious Käsekuche. Can’t wait to come back because there are so many things I didn’t have the time to see! Thanks again 🙂

Bénédicte Weber

Besançon, France, 02.2022

Thanks a lot for the greet! I made a nice short trip to Bonn and the Greet was an excellent start to explore the city. Mrs. Bongart introduced many interesting places to me. I liked the walk and the stories she told be about the city.


Kelin Luo


Timo and I met precisely on-time this morning and he gave me a good and thorough walking tour of Bonn, generously sharing his perspectives on it as a lifelong resident, though he has done enough travels to other placed to have a balanced perspective.  I was particularly struck by the beauty of the newly-refurbished Bonner Münster and the unexpectedly rich architecture of the Neustadt residential district. 

Wayne Ritchie

Seattle, USA, 12.2021

We had a very nice introduction to the city of Bonn! Mathias showed us the places he loved and we got familiar with the city. He was a wonderful host and we would like to thank him for giving us some of his time.

Pascal Majerus

Brussels, 12.2021

The experience is totally worth it. I want to thank my Greeter Christoph for the time, preparation and effort to lead a city tour in Spanish. I really appreciate it and thank you for the short notice as well. I strongly recommend Greeters in general. I will remember Bonn… specially after all the stories Christoph told me.

Daniel Cossio Baro

Brasil, 11.2021

Thanks a lot for the greet! I made a nice short trip to Bonn and the Greet was an excellent start to explore the city. Mrs. Bongart introduced many interesting places to me. I liked the walk and the stories she told be about the city.


Kelin Luo


The Greeter was a great experience as it allowed me to see a lot of hidden germs of the Gronau neighborhood in Bonn. Very happy to have had the opportunity to participate.
Thank you very much to Helga for her time and congrats to all the team.

Francisco Agustin Vergara

Asunción, Paraguay, 06.2021

Susanne is a wonderful , worldly lady. I had a great time with her touring the beautiful sites of Bonn. She is more than just a guide! Communicative, pleasant, open minded, clever and educated in various fields.

I highly recommend her to everyone who wants a great experience in visiting the city. It was a great pleasure to spend the day with her and I am looking forward to meeting up with her again.

Almir Jasarevic

Bosnia, 03.2021

Thanks to Matthias from Bonn Greeters, I discovered Bonn.  I enjoyed its diverse neighbourhood, the gorgeous houses with their date of construction, the charming botanical gardens, the promenade along the Rhine River, palaces, cafes, exciting shops that promote small products, and places that feel familiar and welcoming. The Bonn Greeter volunteer Matthias not only showed me his home, his passions and his favourite city’s walkways, but made me feel a part of Bonn and its charm. I arrived with some reservations and left with a conviction that yes, Bonn could be my kind of town! I recommend the Greeter experience to everyone for whom curiosity and openness are credos. I wish you lovely trips ahead!

Paola Pace

Italy, 08.2021

It was great to meet you Matthias. We are so glad we found the information about Bonn Greeters. Thank you so much for your time and kindness. It was very pleasant and we learned so much through your knowledge! Alos thank you for all your suggestions. We are loving the city so far and we can’t wait to explore every last nook and cranny. 


Maria Ayala Schembri

Mexico, 05.2021

I met Susanne on Saturday and it was really wonderful and nice meeting her. She shared with me alot of her historical and personal knowledge about the city. We visited many old and new places. Thank you so much to you and Susanne for this wonderful and memorable greet: It will help me a lot to explore further the city.

Ajinkya Kolte

India, 09.2021

I came to Bonn on a very short notice. Matthias was very flexible to meet me and show me around the city of Bonn. We walked 10.000 steps and I was shown the Northern part of the city (Altstadt) that I really liked, then we walked along the Rhein river, then had a coffee and discover the Southern part of the city w beautiful houses. I absolutely enjoyed our conversation on the city, on our experienced, ideas… it was really a great time I had. Danke schön!

Ivan Lesay

Slovakia, 11.2021

The walk around Bonn provided by Susanne was beyond my expectations. Friendly, informative, I could not ask for a better welcome experience to this beautiful city. The Bonn Greeters idea tells a lot about the people of the city. Thank you Susanne, thank you Bonn Greeters.

Luiz Henrique Guedes

Natal, Brazil, 11.2019

We had a wonderful meeting with Miriam in Bonn. Having visited the city 20 years previously we were interested to explore it again, and our greet with Miriam was very informative and interesting. We ended our tour a few hours later with coffee in a beautiful cafe. The time spent with Miriam was a highlight of our visit to Bonn. We even took some friends back to the places we visited as we wanted to share our experience and Miriam’s knowledge.

Melinda Kopp

Sydney, Australia, 01.2020

What a wonderful tour! Matthias was kind, knowledgeable, patient and a lot of fun. Vielen Dank!!

Ralf Roscher

München, 01.2020

We were lucky to walk around the city with Christine Roemer, who did the best and succeeded to make us fall in love with the city! : a visit to Bonn is highly recommended after a busy working time at any of the fairs which are running in Cologne and Düsseldorf.

Na'ama Brill

Tel Aviv, Israel, 03.2019

We loved it, it was informative, interesting….even the kids loved it. We want to come again to finish the tour when the weather is better. The reception was very good. The Heimatmuseum Beuel is such a friendly place.

Bodo Freidling

Seesen, 10.2019

The experience has been fantastic. It  surpasses any expectation. Greeter Timo took the time to stay in contact with me to arrange not only the date time and place of the encounter, but also he was interested in organizing an experience based on our interests. Timo was always cordial, friendly, careful of every detail. I showed interest in the history of Bonn and Germany and Timo proved to be a real historian of the city and the region.
We visited churches, historical sites , bookstores and we still had time to sit down and share a drink. To me Bonn Greeters is a wonderful project that I would recommend to every visitor in the region.  

M. Felix Fernandez

Miami, USA, 08.2019

As a family with a young child, we would highly recommend to contact Bonn Greeters to have a visit of Bonn. Our visit was very inspirational and helped bring alive history. Christoph was very informative and has a deep knowledge of the history of the North Rhine-Westphalia area. Thank you.

Valerie, Chris & Emma McCool

Brisbane, Australia, 03.2019

We had a great greet with Mathias.  This was our first greet experience and we really didn’t know what to expect.  The length was great, as was just visiting and learning about the city.  We appreciated the stops in a few shops that were unique to Bonn, as well as the information on the history of the city.  I will admit, we visited Bonn only with the expectation of going to the Christmas Market, but Matthias’ greet gave us much more to appreciate about the city.

Debora Richter

Austin, Texas, 12.2019

Miriam is a wonderful ambassador for Bonn. She showed us around Bonn by walking and catching the tram, allowing us to see different areas. Miriam had a great knowledge and information about the buildings and places we visited. We learnt so much and saw many great places. She also showed us places that we were particularly interested in as well – the old parliament area. We so enjoyed our tour with Miriam.

Steve & Robin Hogan

Brisbane, Australia, 06.2019

Highly recommend taking a tour with Bonn Greeters! Conny was exceptional and was very knowledgeable about the city. She was very engaging and kind. She showed us sites and told us facts that we wouldn’t have known if we hadn’t taken the tour. Wonderful day in the city of Bonn. Thank you!

Desiree Leflinger

Ramstein, USA, 02.2019

I totally enjoyed the nice walk around Bonn with Timo. He first tried to get an understanding of my interests, before deciding on the walk. He shared the city history as we walked through the residential area, I was able to get some insight into life in Bonn. Love the story of the buildings –  saw the observatory, Botanical Gardens, walking along the lawn …  The highlight was a bus ride crossing the middle bridge over the Rhine to Beuel, into a pretty suburb by the Rhine where the Medieval Church of St. Maria and St. Clemens stands. What an awesome church – Timo definitely saved the best for last! And a lovely walk along the Rhine back to Zentrum. Totally enjoyed the day!

Lynn Chia

Singapore, 05.2019

It was the most fun tour I’ve had in my life and I felt like three hours wasn’t enough. Having someone who knows what she’s talking about not to mention one of the funniest people I have met was incomparable. I will definitely recommend Bonn Greeters to my friends and everyone I know who will be making tours. It also good to know that this isn’t just limited to Bonn.

Danica Panganiban

Tanauan, Phillippines, 01.2019